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Sunday, 7 December 2003
Wow i haven't written anything for a while. But I guess I've said that like the last two times. As the title implies this is the weekend before finals. Although I have already completed two finals. My Circuits final was a complete surprise, three of the five questions involved stuff that we have never talked about or ever seen before. I even think I did the one I knew how to do wrong. Apparently I didn't notice an extra resistor placed accross the switch in the RL circuit. Well that makes my Differential Equation way off. Oh speaking of Differential Equations, I had that final on Friday. To my surprise, and for the first time this semester, I acually knew everything on the test. Dr. Lee has a reputation of surprising the students with his tests. When reviewing, he only goes over the stuff we did for the last couple weeks forgeting about everything before that. But its all good cuz think I ultimitely did pretty well considering the final and the extra credit he gave us. This Tuesday and Thursday I have my statics and Physics 2 exams. Yeah... those won't be too much fun considering we've done over 200 problems in physics and over 100 problems in statics. That gives me a shitloaad of stuff to go over and try to remember.
When I went to thanksgiving the other weekend, my uncle was throwing away an old Dell optiplex GS+ and enquired if I wanted it. I eagerly accepted even though I thought it was a mere pentium 75 with 32 meg ram. To my surprise, when I got home and booted it up, windows 98 quickly appeared and ran very smooth. Yeah... Thats when i realised the system wasn't as old as I had thought. I opened it up and inspected the innards. It had a 166 pentium cpu with 64 meg ram, 2.1GB HD and a slot loading cd rom drive. I can say that I don't see too many slot loading cd drives far from macs. As much as I love windows 98(NOT). I plan on building a Linux from scratch system completely compiling from source. I know it's gonna be a bitch and take a long ass time but that's all worth it when you REALLY know how an operating system works and communicates with the hardware. As long as I don't have to write my own POSIX system calls and create my own bash shell I think I'll be ok... but that's how linux started in the first place right?
Alrighty... good story. In other news, I'm seriously considering removing everything from my win xp laptop, shrinking down windows and installing SuSE 9.0 professional. Even though its not that much of a step up from 8.2, from the live eval cd it just seems to work with the laptop better that 8.2 did. I just feel so much more comfortable using, modifying and playing with linux now that I just get irritated when I use my windows machine again. It's slow, unstable and tends to not want to shut down sometimes. I don't know about anyone else but I am really ready for windows to be dramatically changed with the releasse of Longhorn. Perhaps changing the filesystem, adding more customization, fixing the registry that always gets full of useless crap when files are moved or deleted, and less suceptability to viruses making everyone run windows update every freakin day. ok I suppose thats enough ranting about that subject.

I'll see yall later.

Posted by adrock808 at 2:41 AM CST
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