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Friday, 7 November 2003
Hey, I got some free time
Hey, Jeez its been a while since my last post, but thats about the last time I actually had time to do anything really. The last 4 weeks have been pretty rough. I had at least 2 tests every week and countless other things to do so I look forward to actually having fun this weekend. Yeah, last thursday I turned 20 and it had to be one of the worst days, I had Circuits and Differential equations tests and sat in the library for at least 10 hours. But thats all good. Holloween brought some patyin, and relax. I hope all this hard work pays off when I get out of college and start my life. Straight A's don't make themselves so I gotta try and keep up with all the stuff thrown at me. My physics 2 and Statics tests today and yesterday rounded up my stretch of studying, Topics included Physics: magnetic fields, magnetic fields due to currents, inductance and inductors. Statics: distributed forces, centroids, centers of gravity, and moments of inertia. I always like it when the tests include derivation of formulas with integration about curves and volumes. NOT. Good thing I payed attention in Calc I and II. Anyway, yesterday at about noon, the computer science teachers were cleaning out their collection of books and selling them for $1 and $2. I got some pretty cool books, C++ FAQS, Linux for Dummies(which won't do me much good cuz its from red hat 5.2, I'm using SuSE 8.2 Pro), UNIX for programmers, The Complete JAVA training course and some computer technology books. I've already learned some stuff from them just by browsing. It seems that learning is more fun when its not in school. Probably because it isnt the decieding factor for my future. alright I think that's enough of my thoughts for now. Till next time...

Posted by adrock808 at 3:36 PM CST
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