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Tuesday, 7 October 2003
late night break (Monday night)
Aiight its 12:30 AM and i need a break from doing statics homework. I ve been working on two problems for about 2 hours and can't seem to get the right answers. ... I think the book may be wrong.... hmmm... oh well. Hey I don't have class until 10 Am tomorrow! my latest starting class of the week. But that means I have my 3 hour physics 2 lab about RC circuits to sit through. Yay I have to plot like 4 graphs about the rate of discharge of a capacitor slowed down by a resistor. Actually sounds kinda interesting. Hey on the plus side I have no Statics or Circuits tomorrow. Oh yeah that's right! my new graphics card arrives tomorrow. I got an Nvidia FX 5200 to replace my Riva TNT2 card. I know the FX 5200 isn't that great of a card but it's a huge improvement over that old TNT2 one. I got it for about $70 at By the way, Its going into my desktop running linux so I wanted an Nvidia instead of an ATI because Nvidia cards are natively compatible and have good official drivers for linux. Im running an AMD 2000+, 640MB RAM, 52x cdrw, Temporary 8GB Western Digital HD(used to have 120GB maxtor but it kinda got fried a month after i got it so it got send back for a replacement) Gigabyte MB, 400W PS, and Phoebe TV Master capture card. Once I get a freakin digital camera down here I'll post some pics of it. It's blaze orange with light rods on the front, a grill on one side, custom cut window on the other with a black light inside. Round uv reactive ide cables, 2 uv reactive fans and uv reactive paint glow inside. It took me most of my weekdays off from work to build it this summer. Ok so ive gotten off subject a little here. Yeah and I think it's about time to head on in and try to get some sleep.


well it looks like the campus charter communications internet is down ... again for like the fifth time today... so this post will probably be postponed until some time later.

Posted by adrock808 at 1:08 AM CDT
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