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Saturday, 28 February 2004

Hey there.... I added a new download in the download section. I stumbled over another song that I made on my computer like 4 years ago so I uploaded it and now you can hear it!!! Well I'm not saying that it is awesome or anything but I think its pretty cool especially the secong half so if you don't like it at first just keep listening until it gets good. I'm in Winona right now and its 52 degrees F outside... damn its gettin warm out. Tonight we are going to a formal type dance thing at the Winona state off campus housing complex Lourdes, (Were my G friend Jessy used to live). So hopefully that will be fun.... Haven't been to one since highschool... 2 years.... ahhh ... ok well I'm going to go now so bye bye

Posted by adrock808 at 3:48 PM CST
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Friday, 13 February 2004
It's 2:30 AM do you know where your underwear is?
So... yeah I brought back a bunch of pics from my trip to korea in 2002. I went in august like 2 weeks after the end of the Wolrd Cup. I haven't quite put up any captions or story since I just am doing this in the middle of the night when I should be sleeping cuz my 9am class doesn't take notes for me... ok well I suppose I am goin to sleep now.... Hope you like my pics :) Korea Trip

Posted by adrock808 at 2:30 AM CST
Updated: Friday, 13 February 2004 2:32 AM CST
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Wednesday, 4 February 2004
updates.... Procrastination
Hey I've done some updates to the site! Yeah last weekend I didn't feel like doing any Circuits or Digital Logic so I worked on making a section of my site devoted to my pc mod. HERE I went through a couple of organization revisions and will most likely insert thumbnails and have them linked to the larger pictures because right now it kinda looks disorganized and the load time will be horrible on a computer with a slow connection. Yeah well here I am again procrastinating on the same stuff I was before.... I have Cicuits II and Digital logic assignments due tomorrow, a quiz in Circuits and I haven't done any Calc3 or Stats work for about two weeks.... tests comin up... I better get on that... anyway... until next time. :)

Posted by adrock808 at 7:16 PM CST
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Thursday, 15 January 2004
Back to school, Back to school.... my daddy I'm not a fool.
Well It's that time of the semester again. The beginning... time to start all over and feel the work and tension build up again to finals. Well so far this semester my teachers seem to be pretty good. I started on monday the 12th. This time around I'm taking Circuits Analysis II, Calculus III, Digital Logic, Statistics, and Pop Music. It seems I have a much reduced work load already and I enjoy the departure from Physics, and Statics where everyday the class met homework was due. So far I only have one class that actually cllects work but that doesn't mean I'm not going to do it. It just means that I am not rushed for a due date. Well this last month I was pretty busy. I was only home at my parent's house for a few days. Right after finals were over, I took a plane to Columbus Ohio where my friend Josh lives. We then drove out to Pennsylvania for two days and snowboarded at 7 Springs Resort. Luckily they got a few inches of snow the night before so we found some good untouched powder on the harder runs and through the trees. The best run there was called "Goose Bumps" for obvious reasons, it was riddled with 2-4 foot mogules. I swear we went on that one like 15 times, and trust me it is not easy to do mugules on a snowboard. Needless to say my right leg hurt for like a week and a half afterwards I still would have done it again. After a week there, I returned for christmas and then drove out to Colorado with the parents and my girlfriend to see my sister and her husbang who live in westminster near denver. We made it out to Keystone for a day and I have to say it was just awesome. On new years, we stayed in a lodge on Grand Lake up in the middle of the mountains. At midnight some really sweet fireworks were shot off from the middle of the lake. I will post some pictures up in a lil bit when I can scale them to load fairly quickly and not take up the whole window. Well anyway we came back to Minnesota and I woked for a week and here I am, Back in Mankato starting classes again....

Posted by adrock808 at 9:45 PM CST
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Sunday, 7 December 2003
Wow i haven't written anything for a while. But I guess I've said that like the last two times. As the title implies this is the weekend before finals. Although I have already completed two finals. My Circuits final was a complete surprise, three of the five questions involved stuff that we have never talked about or ever seen before. I even think I did the one I knew how to do wrong. Apparently I didn't notice an extra resistor placed accross the switch in the RL circuit. Well that makes my Differential Equation way off. Oh speaking of Differential Equations, I had that final on Friday. To my surprise, and for the first time this semester, I acually knew everything on the test. Dr. Lee has a reputation of surprising the students with his tests. When reviewing, he only goes over the stuff we did for the last couple weeks forgeting about everything before that. But its all good cuz think I ultimitely did pretty well considering the final and the extra credit he gave us. This Tuesday and Thursday I have my statics and Physics 2 exams. Yeah... those won't be too much fun considering we've done over 200 problems in physics and over 100 problems in statics. That gives me a shitloaad of stuff to go over and try to remember.
When I went to thanksgiving the other weekend, my uncle was throwing away an old Dell optiplex GS+ and enquired if I wanted it. I eagerly accepted even though I thought it was a mere pentium 75 with 32 meg ram. To my surprise, when I got home and booted it up, windows 98 quickly appeared and ran very smooth. Yeah... Thats when i realised the system wasn't as old as I had thought. I opened it up and inspected the innards. It had a 166 pentium cpu with 64 meg ram, 2.1GB HD and a slot loading cd rom drive. I can say that I don't see too many slot loading cd drives far from macs. As much as I love windows 98(NOT). I plan on building a Linux from scratch system completely compiling from source. I know it's gonna be a bitch and take a long ass time but that's all worth it when you REALLY know how an operating system works and communicates with the hardware. As long as I don't have to write my own POSIX system calls and create my own bash shell I think I'll be ok... but that's how linux started in the first place right?
Alrighty... good story. In other news, I'm seriously considering removing everything from my win xp laptop, shrinking down windows and installing SuSE 9.0 professional. Even though its not that much of a step up from 8.2, from the live eval cd it just seems to work with the laptop better that 8.2 did. I just feel so much more comfortable using, modifying and playing with linux now that I just get irritated when I use my windows machine again. It's slow, unstable and tends to not want to shut down sometimes. I don't know about anyone else but I am really ready for windows to be dramatically changed with the releasse of Longhorn. Perhaps changing the filesystem, adding more customization, fixing the registry that always gets full of useless crap when files are moved or deleted, and less suceptability to viruses making everyone run windows update every freakin day. ok I suppose thats enough ranting about that subject.

I'll see yall later.

Posted by adrock808 at 2:41 AM CST
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Friday, 7 November 2003
Hey, I got some free time
Hey, Jeez its been a while since my last post, but thats about the last time I actually had time to do anything really. The last 4 weeks have been pretty rough. I had at least 2 tests every week and countless other things to do so I look forward to actually having fun this weekend. Yeah, last thursday I turned 20 and it had to be one of the worst days, I had Circuits and Differential equations tests and sat in the library for at least 10 hours. But thats all good. Holloween brought some patyin, and relax. I hope all this hard work pays off when I get out of college and start my life. Straight A's don't make themselves so I gotta try and keep up with all the stuff thrown at me. My physics 2 and Statics tests today and yesterday rounded up my stretch of studying, Topics included Physics: magnetic fields, magnetic fields due to currents, inductance and inductors. Statics: distributed forces, centroids, centers of gravity, and moments of inertia. I always like it when the tests include derivation of formulas with integration about curves and volumes. NOT. Good thing I payed attention in Calc I and II. Anyway, yesterday at about noon, the computer science teachers were cleaning out their collection of books and selling them for $1 and $2. I got some pretty cool books, C++ FAQS, Linux for Dummies(which won't do me much good cuz its from red hat 5.2, I'm using SuSE 8.2 Pro), UNIX for programmers, The Complete JAVA training course and some computer technology books. I've already learned some stuff from them just by browsing. It seems that learning is more fun when its not in school. Probably because it isnt the decieding factor for my future. alright I think that's enough of my thoughts for now. Till next time...

Posted by adrock808 at 3:36 PM CST
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Tuesday, 7 October 2003
late night break (Monday night)
Aiight its 12:30 AM and i need a break from doing statics homework. I ve been working on two problems for about 2 hours and can't seem to get the right answers. ... I think the book may be wrong.... hmmm... oh well. Hey I don't have class until 10 Am tomorrow! my latest starting class of the week. But that means I have my 3 hour physics 2 lab about RC circuits to sit through. Yay I have to plot like 4 graphs about the rate of discharge of a capacitor slowed down by a resistor. Actually sounds kinda interesting. Hey on the plus side I have no Statics or Circuits tomorrow. Oh yeah that's right! my new graphics card arrives tomorrow. I got an Nvidia FX 5200 to replace my Riva TNT2 card. I know the FX 5200 isn't that great of a card but it's a huge improvement over that old TNT2 one. I got it for about $70 at By the way, Its going into my desktop running linux so I wanted an Nvidia instead of an ATI because Nvidia cards are natively compatible and have good official drivers for linux. Im running an AMD 2000+, 640MB RAM, 52x cdrw, Temporary 8GB Western Digital HD(used to have 120GB maxtor but it kinda got fried a month after i got it so it got send back for a replacement) Gigabyte MB, 400W PS, and Phoebe TV Master capture card. Once I get a freakin digital camera down here I'll post some pics of it. It's blaze orange with light rods on the front, a grill on one side, custom cut window on the other with a black light inside. Round uv reactive ide cables, 2 uv reactive fans and uv reactive paint glow inside. It took me most of my weekdays off from work to build it this summer. Ok so ive gotten off subject a little here. Yeah and I think it's about time to head on in and try to get some sleep.


well it looks like the campus charter communications internet is down ... again for like the fifth time today... so this post will probably be postponed until some time later.

Posted by adrock808 at 1:08 AM CDT
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Sunday, 5 October 2003
Sunday Sunday Sunday
Well I walked over towards the riot last night right after the last post and saw some fires, swat vehicles, police dogs and got chased by a riot police officer screaming that I would be injured. Yeah, pretty much after running through the neighborhood I decided to go home. I guess 45 people were arrested, 4 officers injured, 2 cars flipped and set on fire and a tank was brought in. I can't even believe this happened. I mean we are in south central Minnesota. In the middle of nowhere. I guess beer and 20 year olds can make a dangerous combination.

Posted by adrock808 at 8:36 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 5 October 2003 10:09 PM CDT
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Oh man is this crazy
Alright I couldn't help but post this one. The circling helicopters will keep me up for a while here. About 3 blocks from here at Monk's Apartments a group of about 1000 people were partying out in the parking lot. Cops show up and start taking pictures for identification purposes later. The cops then roll in and try to get people out of there but it turns into a freakin riot. The cops stop and regroup for about an hour, meanwhile people are congregating to see whats going on. The cops start shooting rubber bullets and tear gas to stop the mobs. The people start dumpsters on fire, break into cars and a couple of helicopters roll in. I heard at least 10 gun shots within 2 minutes which I'm sure was from the rubber bullets. One guy that lived on my floor last year was apparentl throwing beer bottles at cops heads and it took 3 cops to take him down. I probably won't see him for while, at least not until he gets out of jail. Now three hours later, the helicopters are still flying around and gun shots are still ringin.

Posted by adrock808 at 2:05 AM CDT
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Saturday, 4 October 2003
Homecoming weekend
Aiight... so I had a Statics test yesterday morning and I actually got there early this time, like 10 minutes ealry. Much better than 40 minutes late like last time (I swear I set that damn clock). It was all on Moments about points, lines, and axes in 2D and 3D. All pretty easy stuff. The only thing I'm really worried about is my physics 2 stuff. Chapter 28 is all about circuits and I can say that this crap is taught much differently than it is in my actual circuits class and I am getting way too mixed up betwen the two. Like the directions are all reversed for the current flow and voltage sources are defined as an Emf with internal resistances. The concepts arent that hard to understand but hey they should at least be consistent with circuits 230. Oh yeah by the way it's homecoming weekend right now. The parade was pretty sad yesterday and there wasn't even the solar car, but I guess I knew that because I was in that last year and we scraped it because of failing interest in solar technology and lack of funds/donations to fix all of the crappy solar cells. I was looking forward to the hydrogen fuel cell crotch rocket but it doesn't look like we'll be doing that either. On the plus side, the dance line was pretty decent and the hybrid truck was doing burnouts. I was up a little too late last night partyin' and only got 7 hours of sleep afterwards. It's all good cuz I'm stayin in tonight and catching up on some Physics and possibly some Differential Equations. I'm looking forward to getting this black macintosh G3 laptop from my friend who doesn't use it anymore. I'm not saying that I'm a mac user, but I'm an everything user. I have a Pentium4 2GHz Hp Laptop with WinXP, a self built modded amd 2000+ desktop running SuSE Linux(which I am currently using to manage this page), and soon to have the laptop with macOS, I think it has macOS 9 on it but I plan to get OSX and play with that. Currently I favor my Linux operating system over windows less the lack of file sharing programs and my small problems with recompiling the kernel in linux. Those dang Nvidia drivers just did not like my amd optimized kernel so I had to reinstall the original kernel. Oh well. It's all good. I suppose I should get back to finding the currents through three Emf devices and the voltage drop between nodes. Fun Fun. Later ;)

Posted by adrock808 at 8:04 PM CDT
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